Schmeichel hails “Ronaldo” the truth

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BBC Sport analyst Peter Schmeichel has picked up the story of Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo as a realistic example of how well humans take care of themselves. But was unable to win the body, resulting in lower goals scored than expected

When the five -time Ballon d’Or owner agreed to sign a contract back to play for the new ‘ Red Devils ‘ , the excitement of the ‘ Red Army ‘ Akko supporters.  

But it started as a bamboo trunk and suddenly became a cannabis bong . The 37 – year-old star has just made a total of 15 goals in every item , specific to 2022 , press a single pill in the league ufabet game until many people wonder what happened.  

As someone who took a hot shower before, the former Dan United decided that there was nothing much. The answer is that Cristiano is old as a professional footballer, so the results are down.  

“ What we see happened to Cristiano Ronaldo is what happened to mortals. I find it difficult to put the blame on him alone, ” commented on BBC Radio Five Live .

“ That guy tried. try hard Even molded for other teammates. ” 

“ When actually watching the game you can see that he is trying to help everyone. but because he is a target spear It also needs a place to eat. ” 

“ If you can create chances to turn a beautiful ball into the box. Or it’s pretty easy to enter and the striker is out of position. You won’t have a chance to score. It was simply explained like that. ” 

“ For this reason he needs to be disciplined and in position. But because the body is not conducive, we can see how the time Cristiano does not fit in. So to blame him all seems mean. ” 

“ Teams need to create offensive support. including sympathy for the elderly as well. ” 

As the Buddhist saying goes, Uppachhitwa Nirujjanatitasam wupasamo sukho : All sankharas are impermanent , they naturally arise and cease . When it arises, it disappears. The tranquility of all these sankharas is blissful .