Rangnick admires Sakki the model coaches

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Ralph Rangnick, Acting Manager of Manchester United, named 3 head football coaches. Who have influence his work as a power line. One of them was Arrigo Sacchi, the Italian who led AC Milan to 1980s grandeur.

Background of the nest Koenig is interesting because it is the Deutsche and learning. I used to study at a university in England until I fell in love with the atmosphere of a good footballer.

 leading to the wiring of the head coach from a young age Until there is a chance to progress like today. Which your idol consists of Sacchi , Helmut Gross, an amateur coach in his hometown. and white Ukrainian coach Valery Lobanovski  

“ Yes, a few coaches have inspired me. Let’s start with the first one as a friend. His name is Helmut Gross. ” Opening mouths to the official website.

“It doesn’t just inspire me. But also to many managers of German football Even if it’s just an amateur team manager Because my full-time job is an engineer who is good at bridge structures. ”

“ But at the same time Rangnick was the first coach in Germany to make a four- man team at defense focusing on defining contemporary opponents in a zoned way. ” 

“ Having the opportunity to meet. When I was just 23, 24 years old is a great influence in the development of my coaching career. And since then we have worked together at Hoffenheim and the Red Bull Kingdom . ”  

” Part of me as a coach, I like the job R. Rico was odd was that Milan during the decades ’80 , they not only made its debut in European football. It also creates a sustainable football , football is very special. It is a football style that is unique. ” 

“The other one was when I was in charge of my hometown team, Backnang, we had a smart Dynamo Kiev duel with Valery Lobanovski. Who on the pitch tried to count on the opposing players that it was. Cheating, did we send it down more or not? ”  

“ After the game, I talked to you through an interpreter. Some say they practice like that every day. Pressing from every position on the field all the time. ” 

“ So please go and see it with your own eyes. Which, when looking at the real thing, I know why they can play like that. Which would never happen without consistent practice every day. ”

Nesting new style of football as a model for the present Deutsche sprouting up, including Jurgen Klopp , Thomas Hansen, Michael and Julian Nagele’s Eichmann.