Ralph Rangnick reveals his relationship with Klopp

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Manchester United boss Ralph Rangnick has revealed his relationship with longtime Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

         The “Reds” manager is seen as a follower of Rangnick’s team-building philosophy. Who has use the press game to succeed in making the team on Merseyside at the moment. 

         Rangnick revealed the relationship between the two in their careers. without consulting on the matter of making a team It was only a matter of giving advice as a representative early in his career as Klopp had no agent.

         “Jurgen (Klopp) and I have known each other since 1997,” said Rangnick. “I was not his mentor – that person is a coach name Wolfgang Frank. But we have They have been in contact all along and have a good relationship with each other. We respect each other and it will continue to be like that.”

         “I remember before Jürgen came to coach at Mainz, he called me at the time when I was in Ulm and Jürgen asked me how much I should get from Mainz, he didn’t have it. agent So I told him.”

         “In a way I was his agent and I advised him what to negotiate, Jürgen replied ‘Ah, don’t you think it’s too much?’ I told him it was the right thing to do. Did – and I’m sure he got what he wanted.”