“Klopp” hints Elliott knocks rust, hits Cardiff 100%

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference before meeting Cardiff (February 6) of the FA Cup fourth round that Harvey Elliott, who died For a long time, they will definitely be involved, depending on the starter or the reserve, while Thiago Alcantara, Naby Keita and Divock Origi are waiting for fitness testing in the network.

Elliott has broken an ankle since 12 Sept. last game against Leeds, then recovered well and recovered until he was able to train in full, a closed friendly match ufabet. This greatly pleased the 54 – year-old boss.  

“ It’s very possible. We would like to thank Andreas Schlumberger. for that matter ; You are the head of the club’s physical department. Responsible from the beginning , very patient, but Harvey is also a good customer to give such a favor !” Klopp joked.

“ He did it, doing as much as he could as he was asked, regardless of why or what to do. ”

“ That guy is in good shape and is in full training now. But you have to see what is most suitable for you – is it a real fit or just reserve first ? But of course there is a name for the game with Cardiff. ”

“ Almost all of the recovery looked natural , good , came back really quickly after a long absence from important training with the team. ” 

“ At first glance, I knew right away that – Maybe we should bring that guy back ? – But if I did that, it would be ridiculous ”

” Now he’s gradually improving in order to get back to his best, it’s close, it’s coming. “